The household septic tank is an underground tank where domestic wastewater flows for sewage treatment. It is not visible, so it is easy to overlook if it is running efficiently or facing any issues.

It is essential for everyone to be aware of the septic tank's status and, if need be, schedule a professional septic tank service in Rochester, NH. Although it may or may not have any issues as of now, it will help with routine cleaning and maintenance. However, if you ignore it for too long, even the slightest of issues will become big nuisances. As a result, you will end up paying for costly repairs and cleaning services.

Top 6 Benefits of Routine Septic Tank Service

If you think a septic tank service is only for cleaning, this blog is for you. Below are the six major advantages you will get from a routine septic tank service from a professional.

1.    Keeps the Environment and Water Sources Safe

With time, solid elements and mud can gather up inside the tank. If you do not get routine maintenance, this build-up will eventually block hazardous waste and substances from passing through into the drain. As a result, this blockage and build-up will remain stuck inside and contaminate surrounding water sources. So, it is essential to schedule routine maintenance to avoid polluting the environment and restore the efficient working of the septic tank structure.

2.    Increases the Lifespan of the Septic Tank

Every day, lots of solid waste passes through the septic tank. Just like any other sanitary material or appliance, a septic tank can also face clogging issues while removing waste from the water. Without routine cleaning, the clogging will make it harder for the septic tank to work extra hard, causing extreme stress. Ultimately, if this goes on, the septic tank system will fail and may cause the wastewater to return back into your home. Therefore, routine inspection and cleaning are necessary to avoid such issues and keep the septic tank in good condition for a long time.

3.    Enhances Functionality and Efficiency

Routine inspection, cleaning, and maintenance services help the septic tank and absorption area to dry out and clear up. As a result, it improves its functioning and efficiency and, ultimately, helps you avoid expensive repairs.

4.    Help Save Time and Money

It is true that a routine inspection and cleaning also costs money, but that is nothing compared to what you will have to pay if you don't get one. The worn-out, dirty, or clogged-up septic tank will also affect the surrounding environment as well as your house. If it remains that way for long, the septic tank will start leaking and eventually stop working altogether. As a result, you will have to pay a lot more than what a routine cleaning costs.

If it's the first issue, you will have to bear the cost of an expensive deep inspection and cleaning service and the cost of repairs for the surrounding structure and environment. If the septic tank has died down completely, you will have to pay the high costs of repairs or replacement.

5.    Prevents Major Issues and Breakdowns

A routine septic tank service is not all about cleaning it; it also helps fix other minor or major issues. These may include problems with the inlet and outlet pipes, filter system, or other mechanism and structure issues. A professional septic tank services provider thoroughly inspects the septic tank system and advises you on the best possible solution.

6.    Help Protect Your Home and Family

As we talked earlier, a septic tank that badly needs a cleaning or maintenance service can pose great danger and severe health risks to the surrounding environment, your house, and your family. Plus, it gives off foul odors. In order to avoid this, you must schedule a professional cleaning and maintenance service when the time comes.


An inspection, cleaning, and maintenance service is essential every one to three years from a professional septic tank service in Rochester, NH. However, the time duration depends on the size of the tank and your family. Other than that, you must keep your senses active for different signs, such as bad odors from fixtures or slow draining in toilets and drains.

Even if you notice nothing wrong and it has been a long time since the last septic tank service, you must schedule an inspection to check the status of your septic tank. After that, note the date and ask the service provider when to schedule the next session.

By following this method, you will allow the septic tank to remain in good shape and work efficiently and help yourself save money on expensive maintenance, repairs, or replacements.