By the standards of wonderful event planning, maximalism has gained recognition, being bold and extravagant to the guests. Thanks to the famous American architect Robert Venturi for emphasizing maximalism during the 1960s. In distinction to the minimalist aesthetics, maximalism presents splendid textures, animated colors, and elegant details.

With maximalist features grounded in your event, your guests feel like they are at a magnificent feast. Say goodbye to the ordinary and welcome the extraordinary because maximalism offers ample space, richness, and grandeur.

If you are looking to systemize your event and give your guests an unforgettable experience in New Jersey, consider embracing the maximalist décor. It provides opportunities to develop a majestic environment that will certainly delight your attendees.

If you truly wish to produce an event design in NJ filled with maximalist elements, integrate exquisite rudiments into your next event. By the end of the decoration, you will surely feel confident in evoking wonder and engaging the senses of your guests.

Let's familiarize you with the steps in drawing out the best maximalist event space in NJ.

1.   Embrace Bold Color Palettes

Maximalism is famous for its lively range of colors. The bold hues in the core of maximalism is nothing but a unique selling point. The art of maximalism harnesses the beauty of jewel tones, such as emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red, surrounding your event with royal grace. In addition, the metallic accents of gold, silver, and bronze drill glamor and sophistication into your event.

2.   Layer Textures and Patterns

The foundation of maximalism is the contrast of textures and patterns. A maximalist decoration includes a profusion of velvet covering, elaborate fabrics that are thick and heavy, and deluxe silk curtains. Altogether, they fashion an awe-inspiring theme for your event in NJ. Want to make things even better? Maximalism allows you to mix and match patterns like damask, paisley, and flowery motifs to add a touch of resonance and integrity to your overall décor.

3.   Curate Eclectic Furnishings

Maximalist spaces are characterized by their eclectic mix of furnishings and décor. Choose ornate antique furniture pieces adorned with elaborate carvings and embellishments. Statement pieces like ornate chandeliers, gilded mirrors, and detailed tapestries can are the very focal points that anchor your space in luxury.

4.   Create Dramatic Lighting Effects

Lights are crucial. They play vital role in laying the groundwork for your event in NJ. On the strength of maximalism, use a mix of atmospheric and distinctive lighting to illuminate your décor. You can cherry-pick crystal chandeliers, candelabras, and classic sconces for your lighting scheme.

5.   Accessorize with Luxe Accents

To further elevate your maximalist decoration, embellish mantels and shelves with gilded sculptures and framed mirrors. Beautify your tabletops with the help of crystal vases. You also have the privilege to make layers of plush rugs and decorative pillows for the warmth and comfort for your guests.

6.   Infuse the Space with Scent and Sound

Scents and sounds go hand in hand. When it comes to event planning, you must ensure that your decorative elements are on the same wavelength. To do that more efficiently, infuse your event space with alluring scents and calming sounds. Maximalism enables you to entail fragrant candles, aromatic diffusers, and fresh flower arrangements. Moreover, you are more than welcome to turn on soft background music and even arrange live performances for your guests to intensify the event.

Bottom Line

By following these essential steps, you can design events in NJ packed with maximalism. Welcome the extravagant allure of maximalism and let your imagination soar as you curate an unforgettable experience.